I refuse to flatline this blog

16 09 2013

As I have neglected and ignored this blog for a full year, again I say, this “virtual pet” would have died long ago from my lacking of “feeding” it.  So here I am, but with what to say?

I find myself back to when I started this blog… to discipline myself in the art of writing, which I have not done since my days studying.  (I am sure you can tell from my horrible grammar that I need to work on it a lot, but please, be generous, I beg of you!).  My food ventures have also been lackluster these days (which also leaves me with little to blog about) as well as work is “same ole same ole.”  I wish I could say that I have drama to discuss, or entertain you with, but the only reason I would want it is to share it here.  I rather prefer my boring life, as no drama means no stress. 

Maybe that’s what has me feeling… “itchy.”  I don’t desire drama, but I want a challenge.  As I search for it, and again try to discipline myself to this blog, hopefully you can join me on this journey which I know will be filled with stumbles but I hope to make it to the top of the mountain, whichever hike I choose?


Alaskan king crab: just a monster sea spider?

30 09 2012

I love seafood. I grew up on the east coast where it was plentiful and now live on the west where it seems oddly better (no qualitative fact to that comment… It could just be that I’m older and appreciate food better and can make things instead of just boiling a lobster or eat out when the folks allowed.
Being so close to a fish market is a plus. And befriending your fishmonger has its advantages. Fresh crab is always a phone call away.
Except when I bring them home and have to clean them…
I go through these moments when I am utterly grossed out because I will stare at the whole crab and think “augh, it looks like a spider…” And I can’t touch it because my arachnophobia runs deep. DEEP! But it lasts only a moment and I find myself velociraptor-ing that thing like the world is going to end!


Quinoa, the wonder… Seed?

6 09 2012

I have been obsessed with quinoa…  I used to have it occasionally at the Elliot Bay Cafe as my salad option when I would grab lunch there.  Never thought about it outside of when I was noshing on it during lunch.

It then dawned on me that it if I made it, it would make me eat my vegetables more often.  So I looked up a recipe for a Greek Quinoa Salad.  Made it, liked it… then got tired of all the ingredients in it, so I add 4:  Cucumbers, Red Bell Pepers, Sheeps Milk Feta, and a Lemon-Garlic-Olive Oil Dressing.  Its really lemony and garlicky, but that’s how I like it.  And low and behold it’s good for you!

I looked up the benefits of quinoa and looks like it’s a great substitute for rice, and many (definitely not all) that want another gluten free option can use quinoa flower to bake with.  (I have encountered some friends that still react with quinoa, so please be careful.)  It’s great for digestion and has a high percentage of protein.

But I digress…  I can’t give any ratios, as each time I make this salad, it all depends on how much I want to prep the beppers and cucumbers, and really how much garlic do I want to run through my zester?  (which, by the way, my zester is amazing… I use it for garlic, ginger… but that’s a blog all unto itself.)  So behold, my salad that I have been eating at least 5 times a week since… like March.


El Boracho… It’s like coming home.

31 08 2012

I know I’ve been remiss about blogging/posting/taking care of my virtual pet, which if it really were, i would have gotten a notification with a sad face saying it’s died of neglect or been given to some foster home to be taken care of… oh the shame!  But I’m hoping I will get back into the swing of things as the rainy season starts and I have nothing to do but lament at how much I miss summer.

With that said, there is a new tequila bar that opened up and the owners are great. Adam and Kitty also run “Le Bon Ton Roule” and I love, love, love their bloody mary!  They have tons of tequila to choose from, and two happy hours!  Regular one and late night… with… wait for it… $1 tacos!  These tacos are the SoCal style, that you really can’t find here.. and so not “authentic” Mexican per se… but that does not mean they are not good?!? or ridiculously cheap!  (Did I mention they also have a $4 margarita during HH?)

Here is a pic of the fish and carne asada tacos.  (these precious gems are $2 during happy hour, but so scrumptious, I posted.)  Taken with the trusty iPhone.



Corned beef hash with new potato and Brussels sprouts

30 07 2012


W hotel’s Trace Restauran has some decent grub.  I ordered the Hash because of the poached eggs.  Can’t see them?  They are the two pefectly round things covered in panko.  My suspicion is that they slow poached them ever so slightly, covered them in panko and then fried them.  Cripsy on the outside and unctious and goeey yoke on the inside,  I will say that Trace inspired me to slow poach some eggs (though I should REALLY give credit to David Chang from Momofoku as he was the one that popularized them.)

Photo taken with iPhone

Sweet potato fries oh my! With curry spice

26 07 2012


Hummus and spring asparagus pizza from Plum Bistro

26 07 2012